How to Prepare for JavaScript Interview in 2024

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Hello Guys, welcome to the blog of The Coding Hubs. Today in this blog I will tell you how to prepare for a JavaScript Interview.  I am a Programmer and Content creator, writing programs and blogs since 2015 and I know how to prepare for a JavaScript Interview easily and step by step. 

I’ll walk you through my exact method for getting ready for a JavaScript interview in this blog post. I’ll take you step-by-step through the procedure so you can get prepared for your JavaScript interview as well. and produce the finest results. I’ve included a JavaScript Quick Study Guide below to simplify studying the material. All common JavaScript queries and their responses are listed in the table. Your JavaScript interview will go very well using this JavaScript Quick Study Guide.

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Quick Guide to Prepare for JavaScript Interview

Sr. No.TopicsResource
0Java script crash courseLink
1Object Oriented PrinciplesLink
2How does Java script attain async behaviour when it is single-threaded? (Event – Loop)Link
3Explain how ‘this’ works in JavascriptLink
4Difference between normal functions and arrow functions.Link
5What are promises?Link
6What is async-await?Link
7What is a callback function?Link
8What is closure?Link
9Questions on array methods – filter, map, reduceLink
10What is currying?Link
11What is composition?Link
12How does Javascript code run?Link
13What is debouncing and throttling?Link
14What is prototypal inheritance?Link
15Tricky javascript context questionsLink create this table. I share it here only for educational purposes.

Download JavaScript Quick Study Guide

In this blog, I shared how to prepare for a JavaScript interview and the JavaScript Quick Study Guide. the JavaScript Quick Study Guide will help you to prepare for your JavaScript Interview.

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