5 Ways To Make Money As A Teenager

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Five ways to make money as a teenager in 2024. Making money as a teenager is difficult. As you have no work experience, you are busy with academics, so you have less time, and thirdly, you are young, so people don’t trust you. But in this video, I’ll give five ideas to help you quickly earn money as a teenager.

You’ll only need a mobile or laptop at home, and you won’t have to invest anything. Without wasting any time, let’s move to our countdown. But before we proceed, you guys tell me what you would buy with your earnings. What would you do with the money? Go to the comments section right now and tell me.

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Ways To Make Money As A Teenager

1. Playing Video Game

So, the first idea is Ways To Make Money, which you’ll have fun doing. Many of you might have been doing these things, but now you can make money by doing this, and this is by playing video games. And no, I’m not talking about play-to-earn games. All the video game or mobile game developers test their games on players while developing. Today, there are many online websites like PlaytestCloud where game developers meet such testers.

And who are these testers? Ordinary people like us can register as testers on PlaytestCloud, and then you’ll get some games you must play. After playing, you’ll have to share your feedback about what you liked, disliked, and what can be improved. And, to test such games by playing them, these companies pay you.

PlaytestCloud has mentioned on its website For playing a 15-minute game, you’ll get $9, which is approximately 700-750 rupees. You can also play and test a variety of games. It also has pro-level games like CS: GO and Dota and mobile app games like Candy Crush and Clash of Clans. And this is only testing games. There are many other similar websites, such as usertesting.com, and try my UI.

This gives volunteers like you many different apps and websites to test them, share your feedback, and pay you for it. And on usertesting.com, too, for 20-minute testing and feedback, you can earn $10, that is, approximately 800 rupees as a teenager.

2. Video editing or Graphic design

The next idea ways to make money by learning video editing or graphic design. I’ll tell you why this is so good for teenagers and why teenagers have an unfair advantage. Everyone knows that in the last 2-3 years, we’ve witnessed a boom in online content, how much we’ve started publishing online videos, photos, etc. And to edit all these videos and pictures, content creators or brands need video editors or graphic designers like you.

The best part is that this skill is very in demand, and it’s easy for beginners to learn and earn from it. Trust me; from personal experience, if you put in 1 month to learn video editing, you can earn 2-3 thousand rupees daily. By taking up various video editing projects. Secondly, as you are young, you are a teenager; compared to professional editors and freelancers, you can provide much more competitive rates because this is their single source of income, but it’s only a side hustle for you; you have fewer needs. This is why you can provide more competitive rates.

Due to this, you’ll also get more work. So you, as a teenager, can compete with adults too, but you’ll have to skill up yourself. So, moving on, the third way to make money is about something I said I haven’t seen Indian creators talk about. It’s a one-time effort, and if you put in an outstanding one-time effort, then you can earn a lot from it as a teenager.

3. Sell digital templates

3rd Ways To Make Money. This idea is to sell digital templates on etsy.com. So, Etsy is an e-commerce platform that replaces Amazon and Flipkart. But people usually sell handicrafts or antiques on Etsy. However, on Etsy, digital templates have a huge marketplace and demand. For example, if I search for email templates on Etsy, I can see that people have uploaded their email template designs. And once again, this is a one-time effort.

Make a template once and upload it. And if I show a simple email template design, it’s straightforward to make on websites like Canva. You’ll have to put in a little creativity; You can make a lot of digital templates, not just email signature templates. You can create newsletter templates, logo templates, resume templates, etc. Check out the different types of digital templates you can make.

My previous idea of visual design is to use that to improve myself, make templates on websites like Canva, and upload them to Etsy. And once again, the best part is that it’s a one-time effort. You’ll have to make a template only once and upload it, and it’ll work for you as a passive income; you’ll keep earning money from it. So moving on,

4. Web Development

Learning web development is the next step in making money as a teenager. We all know that we live in a digital era. In a digital era, everyone wants a website and an online presence. And you, as a teenager, teach yourself to make websites.

Web development is basically how to create and build websites. You can teach yourself to build websites. These could be WordPress websites, which are suitable for beginner learning. Ways To Make Money You can also learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc. from scratch. And just like video editing, this is a very high-paying, in-demand skill. Thirdly, teenagers have an unfair advantage in this, that you can provide very competitive rates compared to professionals.

Which will increase demand for your work. One more advantage of this is that for those of you who want to work in engineering, IT, or the software industry, if you know web development, then you’ll have a huge advantage. You’ll get a perfect start, and it’ll also help you a lot in your long-term career.

5. Selling your notes online

So finally, the 5th Ways To Make Money as a Teenager, you’ve already put in 99% effort for this. I’m assuming all of you are school or college students, and you’ve already put in 99% effort for this work. And this is selling your notes online. We all know that there are two types of students in a class.

One who studies well and makes good notes like you and the others like me, who don’t pay attention in class and during exams, ask toppers or friends for notes. Being a good friend, you have always given your notes to people like me. But now, you can document your notes and sell them online on different platforms. At this time, there are many platforms online like studypool.com, where your notes, old assignments or any study material you have, you can create it in document form and upload it on their website.

And on studypool.com, every time someone views your document, they pay you $10, that is, approximately 800 rupees for one view of your notes. I’m not saying to start charging people like me, but give them to your friends free of cost. But yes, at the same time, start selling your notes online so that you can help others out.

And at the same time, you can make money out of it. Other than that, you can do another exciting thing. Combine many notes for one subject and turn it into an ebook; then, you can sell it on Amazon. So, you can sell an ebook of your notes online. I like this idea a lot because, as I said, you’ve already put in 99% effort. You’ve already made your notes and studied them. Only 1% effort is required to create an account and upload the notes online.


And guys, with that, we have reached the blog’s end. I’ve told you five Ways To Make Money, as a teenager, can earn a lot of money. You must put in the effort and skill, but you can make money from these. And now, I want you guys to let me know in the comments section that the money you will earn is what you will buy with it.

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